Book Shelf

Coffee dates, fresh flowers on my desk, putting the right book into a friend’s hand (or Kindle): these are a few of my favorite things. Here are the books that I will always recommend.

For grown-ups



I’ll read anything that Tana French writes. Anything. The Likeness is my favorite of her Dublin Murder Squad series. This is taut, psychological, literary thriller stuff. Like, the stuff that keeps me reading until 2am and rereading even though I know whodunnit.





This story of the World War II occupation of Guernsey is heartwarming. I don’t usually like stories told by multiple narrators, but in the hands of these authors, it sings.





Philippa Gregory’s work is sometimes hit and miss. The Other Boleyn Girl is a hit! This book launched me into a major interest in the Tudor court and English history in general, especially where women are concerned. This book helped me to look at history in a brand new way (and is a cracking story to boot).





Audrey Niffenegger is a wonderfully talented writer. I love the romance of this book, the magical realism, and the ways the stories weave together.

For the young at heart



I recently reread Little Women as an adult and was astonished by the life wisdom that poured off the pages. I also love the portrait of all these different women– there’s a role model in here for all of us.



I adore the whole Anne of Green Gables series. Anne is super bonkers and she gets better and better as she gets older. I find the later books in the series (Anne of the Island, Anne’s House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, and Rilla of Ingleside) to be the best and most re-readable.


Great Read Aloud Books










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