Taking Stock, A List

IMG_1874 IMG_1900 IMG_1912 IMG_1920

Making: inroads on a couple of passion projects.

Cooking: muffins every weekend. I have the cutest five year old helper around.

Drinking: lots of coffee with half n half. Even at Starbucks I can’t seem to stand flavored coffee any longer.

Reading: the new Robert Galbraith book, Career of Evil, and Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. I’m a complicated woman.

Wanting: this brow gel and this hat.

Watching: the Great British Baking Show. Similar to Top Chef, but with very little drama, no product placement, and utterly, utterly charming. (Streaming on Netflix and my heart)

Playing: doctor with London. She tucks me in, tells me “rest is best!” and then reads me books. That’s basically my dream day.

Eating: creamy corn and roasted pepper soup from Trader Joe’s.

Wishing: that I could easily paint our downstairs. Gimme all white everything.

Enjoying: running with friends on a regular basis. Feeling like a woman warrior because it’s so cold at 6am!

Loving: that our church is planting a church in London!! It’s exhilarating to pray big Kingdom prayers over a city I love so much.

Hoping: I can learn to keep my plants alive. I want to have a house full of live plants, not a graveyard to my green dreams. 😉

Listening: to Cruz read his Bible out loud.

Needing: a way to get London to bed. Cruz falls asleep with no fuss, and always has. London is throwing every classic stalling technique at me. Drink. Extra snuggle. Incorrect tucking procedure.

Smelling: peppermint, lavender, and lemon essential oils in my diffuser.

Wearing: my new fall boots. Overnight we went from endless summer to fall perfection.

Feeling: hopeful about the future.



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