An Interview with a Five Year Old

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The other day a friend asked if I was emotional about having a five year old, you know, real kid status. It was a good question and I told her that having my kid turn five kind of felt like myself turning thirty– a big milestone birthday that is slightly dreaded but feels really comfortable once it arrives. So far so good on five.

Last year Cruz and I did a little interview when he turned four. It was so fun that I wanted to do it again! Cruz was excited, but thought he would like it better if he were the one asking questions. #leadershipskillz

What is your name?


How old are you?


What is your favorite thing to do?

Make up new planets. I come up with new names.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A builder that builds houses and makes new streets. I can even name the roads that you go on. I want to be a builder so I can make new things.

Who do you like to spend time with?

My grandma. That’s it. Ok, also friends at school.

What are you good at?

Drawing maps.

 What makes you laugh?

[Reading over my shoulder. “That word doesn’t look like ‘laugh.’ ‘GH’ should say ‘ie.’ Discussion about /igh/ and /augh/ follows.]

Well, funniness. Like silly things. Mrs. Solodon! One time in chapel she was acting like a parrot and said, “put that away!”

[This really must have been hilarious because he dissolved into giggles for quite awhile. That Mrs. Solodon and her chapel humor!]

What’s your favorite time of day?

School time!

What’s a scary thing?

Really, really dark caves. Predators. [Totally legit, buddy.]

Who is your best friend?

My classmates.

What do you like to do with your family?

Play. It’s great when we go get ice cream.

What do you like to learn about?

Planets and dinosaurs.



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