So… What’s In Your Bag?

WYWN - Bag

London is getting into a major purse stage. She likes to carry the bike helmet hanging upside down from her arm. “Isss my baaaag,” she tells me. She is also in that major two-year-old collector stage, so purses just make practical sense. She’s got stuff to carry and needs something to carry it all in.

But she also likes my purses and is constantly dumping my stuff out of my bags. I suppose I could put them away, but moving on. She dumped everything out the other day and all the seemingly random stuff in there was cracking me up. It’s so random, but so so necessary! And because I’m nosy, I’m hoping that if I show you what’s in my bag, you’ll tell me what’s in yours. It’s good to share like that!

Here’s what I’m carrying around these days…

+ Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. We have a shared family Google calendar as well, but this paper planner helps me actually feel organized and coordinated. Yes, it’s large, but I take it everywhere I go so that I can work from anywhere!

+ OptiFlow Pens. Did you buy some yet? I gave a student evaluation at my old job the other day and brought my own pen along. That’s normal… yes?

+ Greens. I know I’ve talked about Greens before, and this isn’t the last time you’ll hear about them. Some real talk about greens and health… ever since London was born, every month, about a week before my period started, I turned into a mess. I was prickly; my hackles were up all the time. I would rage (mostly inwardly), I would cry, I would get offended by the slightest thing. This would last for days and it was exhausting knowing that I wasn’t acting or feeling like myself, but also not really knowing how to fix it. I started drinking Greens to help with some of those hormonal imbalances (antioxidants, probiotics, magnesium), and I feel.the.difference. Greens help me to feel healthy and happy and like myself. They come with me everywhere!

+ Plastic Grapes. Can’t leave home without ’em (apparently).

+ Phone. Phone case from Paper Source.

+ Harmonica. Small BMW. Like you do.

+ Honest Travel Wipes

+ Mini van keys. How I wish I could gift one to each of you! The fact that I can open the van doors from inside our house? Bliss!

+ Wallet from my twice-a-year pilgrimage to Target. #sbprobz

+ Cruz’s preschool art project. I’ve accomplished things in my life, but there’s nothing that makes me more proud that walking out of preschool with a Cruz-project in my hands.


Because he’s a great husband, when Tovi started noticing that my health had really suffered this spring and that hormonally I wasn’t feeling like myself, he encouraged me to do some research and to make my health a priority. I’ve been eating better, doing pilates most morning, and I am so glad that I found these greens and would love to help you get your hands on them too! You can check out my distributor page here and I would absolutely love to chat about plant-based wellness! This is not about being salesly (so so out of my comfort zone). I am just thrilled to find a product that makes me feel this good (and equally thrilled to add an additional way to our family while staying home with our kids). Let’s talk!


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