The Sweetest Kind of Weekend

WYWN - Open Space

It’s been just about the sweetest weekend you could ever dream up. The kind where all the little things just worked together and the kids played nicely outside and we saw friends and family and ate burritos more than once. I didn’t take a lot of pictures this weekend because it wasn’t until I sat down on Sunday night and thought, oh yeah, that was all the good stuff. All the little moments piling up until it just blows you over in one breath.

So what makes a great weekend?

MOPS. Forever and ever I am so glad that we meet on Fridays because kicking off the weekend with brunch and friends and truth and tears is the way to go (even if it did end in a meltdown. Let’s not worry about the meltdown).

Having a good friend over for dinner. I made one of my favorite dishes and the whole evening was fun and low-key.

WYWN - Skinny Wrap

Kids who nap. Forever and ever amen bless you children for being A+ nappers. While they napped I treated myself to some Pilates and a skinny wrap (I will feel so confident at the pool this year! I’m making it happen!).

WYWN - Lolo

Cul de sac playtime all the time. Bikes, baby strollers, Cozy Coupes, everything! It’s basically planes, train, and automobiles around here. If you want to hear the cutest thing ever, listen my almost two-year-old say “cul de sac.”

Too many episodes of a TV show that shall remain nameless (but is a total guilty pleasure and rhymes with Schmitty Bittle Flyers…)

And then throw Mother’s Day on top of all that goodness…

WYWN - Mother's Day

With all my heart, I love my little people. I do not take for granted the gift of being a mother and the gift of having my own mom as such a shining, wonderful example of what it means to sacrifice for children and to run after your dreams. To have all those people in my home on Mother’s Day? Incredible! After a long snoozy, reading, breakfast-y morning, we went to the zoo, went shopping downtown (just me and my mom! yes!), and ate Mexican for the second time in one day. As we were getting ready for bed last night, Tovi asked me how I had liked my day. “Every part of it was perfect, ” I said. “But it was also a great reminder that I’m doing a good job as a mom. That being faithful in the small things is paying off in the big things.” Yup. There is nothing more I need. My cup overflows.



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