While You Weren’t Napping

WYWN - While You Weren't Napping

While you (both of you!) weren’t napping…

I came in to give you extra snuggles because you said you hadn’t had enough.

I rewrapped your blanket because you like to be burrito-ed during your naptimes and I aim to please. Does anyone else wrap you as well as me?

I brought you “one skinny carrot” because you were hungry.

And then I brought you one sandwich, two graham crackers, and three strawberries because you are the very hungry caterpillar and are trying to turn into a butterfly.

I slid my ipad under your door and whisper-shouted, “Just play whatever you want!” because I am a really intentional parent.

I sent you back upstairs because you pranced downstairs naked as a jaybird and announced that you were ready for your bath. (Literally, this has never happened in your entire childhood, so as soon as your sister woke up, you both had a bath)

I brought up stamps, paper, and markers up to your room, and started crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t walk into a disaster later. (I did)

I brought you one yogurt-covered pretzel because for the love of all that is holy will you please go to sleep?

I ate my entire secret stash of dark chocolate for what I think are obvious reasons.

Go to sleep, you guys.


2 thoughts on “While You Weren’t Napping

  1. LOL. This is the story of my life. My oldest dropped her nap at two years and one day, and more than two years later I still make her take a “rest time.” Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, and it’s already starting to transition into “movie time.” This captures it all so perfectly!

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