What Works {in January}

Life is short and precious. We should do stuff that works. Here’s what worked for our family in January.

Products and practices that make life simple and sweet

+ I had a gift certificate to Sephora to spend in December and I did a little crowdsourcing on Instagram to find out what I should try. Benefit was recommended almost universally, and I ended up taking home many, many of their products. My favorite is the Erase Paste under-eye concealer. I wear it religiously and have been told many times that I looked refreshed and well rested. I rarely feel that way, so Erase Paste must be the answer!

+ I watched this Dove video and it shot me straight through the heart. London’s curls are out of this world beautiful, and the idea that someday she might feel less beautiful because of her hair… not on my watch! So I’ve been wearing my hair curly more than ever and have been loving L’Oreal’s EverCurl line (I’m sure the Dove video is supposed to make me buy Dove products, but Target didn’t have any of their curly-haired line).

+ Now that both kids go to preschool/daycare, I pack two lunches, and was getting frustrated with the myriad containers and bags we had floating around. I could never find what I wanted or I would need two but only one was clean, nothing stacked… I will always take my friend Kelly’s advice, and she uses these Bento boxes for her kids. Here are my two big selling points: 1) they stack for easy storage and 2) the lid seals the individual containers so that nothing spills over.

+ Another product tip, courtesy of London… my sweet girl has got the world’s driest skin. I have tried everything to keep her skin comfortable and nothing has really seemed to work until we found the Honest Co’s Healing Balm. This stuff is magic for her skin! I usually use it at night.

+ If you read my post about thredUP, you got a pretty good idea that I love cleaning out my closet. Love it. To make it even easier to clean out and purge our belongings, I designated a box in our bedroom for all donations. I throw stuff in there constantly, and when it’s full, I just dump it all in a bag and take it to the thrift store. Easy peasy.

+ Here’s a shout out to Croc rain boots! (Me from four years ago is picking her jaw up off the ground) Easy to put on. Easy to clean. Our pair of Croc boots is onto the second child and they are as good as new. London’s yet to find an outfit that she can’t improve with rain boots.

Now it’s your turn! What’s working for you?

Want more things that work?


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