thredUP: I’m a little obsessed

WYWN - thredUP Review

Thrifting or buying used really checks most of my life boxes. I love the thrill of finding a deal. I love having new clothes and hate spending a lot of money on them. And of course I love the idea of being an ethical and conscious consumer. But the reality of thrifting checks almost none of my boxes. I rarely have time during the day to shop (and thrifting can take some patience). Once we had a fairly free afternoon, decided to go thrift shop took Cruz in a stroller. Yes, I can hear you laughing from here. It was just as terrible idea an idea as you’re picturing.

So enter thredUP. lets you buy and sell quality used clothing. Cruz was about six months old when I first discovered thredUP and the site was basically a grab bag shopping experience (literally, you would pick a box of clothes based on written descriptions, size, and season). It was fine, and we tried it a few times before a horrifying denim Winnie-the-Pooh jacket forced me to stop. (For the love)

thredUP has grown up so much. It’s easy. It’s online. It’s really high quality. For about the last year I have shopped for myself almost exclusively on thredUP and because I’ve heard the comment “please tell me you didn’t get that shirt on thredUP” more than once, it’s finally time to let you in on my thredUP secrets.

WYWN - thredUP Review

1. Get specific. For the most part, when I go to shop, I get really specific about the brands and sizes I want. I pick brands that I know fit me (Gap, LOFT, Olivia Moon, J. Crew, Madewell, the Anthropologie brands, Nordstrom brands), sizes, and what I’m looking for. Right now, I know that I want a new maxi dress this spring, so that helps me to narrow down my search.

2. Style shops. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, head to the Style Shops and find collections that fit what you’re looking for. You can even check out mine! (Someone pretty please buy that green Vince cardigan and make my day by looking so cute)(Also that Splendid cardigan) I pulled together lots of different sizes and brands, but you know it’s going to be – say it with me – comfy.

WYWN - thredUP Review

WYWN - thredUP Review IMG_0128

3. Send in your own clothes. This is really the secret of it all. Between referral credits and payouts from my own closet clean outs, I rarely pay for my clothes on thredUP. $80 jeans from Nordstrom? Free. Cute top from Anthro? $10. You know I like to clean out my closet regularly, and thredUP makes it incredibly easy. Order a clean out bag, adhere to their standards when choosing your clothes, drop off the bag at the Post Office. For free.

4. Be patient. There’s very little about the secondhand shopping experience that’s fast. But being able to shop patiently from your iPad? Much easier.

Still unconvinced? How does $10 off your first purchase sound? Click here and find something awesome for yourself!


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