Get Your Comfies On

Cruz and I have been talking about style lately. Tonight while I tucked him into bed, he told me, “My style is when everything belongs to me.” Touche, mon cher. That’s a pretty good style.

If I had to classify my current style, I’d call it Comfies. We are big on comfies at our house. The fact that comfy clothes are increasingly available in wear-outside-the-house form makes me pretty excited. Because I like feeling pulled together. I like feeling confident and I hate feeling frumpy. But, gosh, I love to feel cozy. I like it when my clothes feel effortless and move with me.

Here are a few items I’ve been loving lately (in case you need to boost up your comfy lifestyle).

For Christmas Tovi bought me this sweatshirt from Everlane. It’s fabulous (like everything we’ve ever ordered from Everlane). Did I wear it two days in a row? Am I counting down to when it will be clean again? Yes, of course.

WYWN - Everlane Swearshirt

My phenomenal husband also bought me these sweats from Target as a Christmas gift. See the picture? Totally styled with heels (I would draw the line there, of course, because the point of wearing comfies is to be comfortable and heels might ruin the whole thing).

WYWN - Target Sweats

But do you know what shoes I do wear with these??

WYWN - MinnetonkaThese Minnetonka booties are practically slippers and super, super cute. I love them with jeans, leggings… I wear them constantly!

I’ve had my eye on this cardigan wrap from Nordstrom for a long time, and right now it’s on sale. I picked up the charcoal gray wrap and there are a ton of other colors I would have loved as well. It’s fleece on the inside (so comfy!) and will be perfect for keeping me warm at church tomorrow morning. Nursing mamas, this is exactly the kind of sweater you want to wear because it’s practically a nursing cover on it’s own.

WYWN - Cardigan Wrap

If you’re not quite ready to wear sweats outside of the house, may I suggest these leggings? They are thick, hold their shape, and even have pockets!

WYWN - Leggings


Happy lounging!


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