The Pickle Tree

IMG_9882 IMG_9883 IMG_9884 IMG_9885To me, walking around Westmont College is like pressing on the back of the Wardrobe, wondering if my fingers will feel fur coats or the snow covered branches of Narnian trees. Every little step and corner feels like magic. You can’t go anywhere without running into your younger self; that place where you laughed until you cried, where you kissed your boyfriend who would turn into your husband. How you and your best friend made a plan to secretly spend the night in Kerrwood Hall.

We were on campus the other night for the annual Pickle Tree Lighting Ceremony (and right there, I think I’ve told you everything you need to know about Westmont. I mean, yes, an annual Pickle Tree Lighting). Tovi is on campus almost every day for practice and I bring the kids up pretty often, but last night was so special. As you can see, London was so excited to meet Santa! The campus was decorated, the students were wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, mountains of cookies and piles of poinsettias around every corner… and friends! Everywhere we turned were more friends and their kids, as if we had all planned for this to be our college (and MOPS) reunion.

The kids came home yelling “pickle! pickle!” up to their ears in the post-candy cane high. They had run with friends, held hands with their little loves, tackled my friends with hugs. Their memories of Westmont have started to overlap mine. It was all joy and light and fun. Narnia indeed.


2 thoughts on “The Pickle Tree

  1. Oh how I love this post so much. I practically had tears in my eyes as we drove off campus the other night, Anna giggling and laughing as we passed the tree one last time. “There’s the pickle tree, Mommy! There’s the pickle tree!” (giggle giggle) I think, someday, I’ll look back and this may become my favorite Christmas tradition.

    Also, remind me to tell you about how my friends threw me a 19th birthday party in the Kerwood Hall ladies room. Because, of course they did.

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