Day in the Life // 2014

I think that technology is such a marvelous thing. My friend Michelle texted me (from Guatemala) and a couple of other blogger mamas and reminded us that it has already been a year since our “Day in the Life” posts. I honestly didn’t believe her, but I went back and looked, and yes, impossibly, in my post there was in fact a teeny tiny London squirming around on a blanket. A year. How it has soared past.

Some things look a little different, but the good stuff remains the same.

FullSizeRender (1)


I wake up. My alarm goes off at 5:20, but I snooze it until 5:30. In the dim light of the bathroom, I change into my workout clothes, hoping to get in a little movement before the kids get up. This is supposed to be my time during the day. My time for a hot drink and the Bible and moving my body while it’s still quiet. But last week’s time change is a life-ruiner and as I creep downstairs I can hear London waking up. I do my Bible Study and then grab her. It is so early.

IMG_9572 IMG_9573


Everyone’s awake and the day is in full force. I throw a load of diapers into the laundry, give the kids breakfast, and do one of Robin’s pilates videos while they’re eating.


Playtime! I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last year is that I am just a terrible multitasker. I have tried hard to make playtime playtime and worktime worktime. This is definitely playtime! Cruz keeps telling me that it’s “family band time!” but I’m not sure he actually wants the whole family to play. He’s grouping the instruments by family (percussion, wind, genius four-year-old, etc) and giving instructions. London is everywhere; mostly attempting to grab pens off of my desk. “Pen? Marker? Heart?” she tells me. She wants us to draw hearts on everything.



London’s down for her morning nap and out cold because she’s already been up for three hours! My deal with Cruz is that he gets to watch some Curious George on Netflix while London naps so that I can get some work done. He chooses to watch the Curious George Halloween special and spends an inordinate amount of time asking me when it will be Halloween again and why aren’t our decorations up. #ohbrother Monday is the day I primarily work on my company’s weekly newsletters. I look at this weeks and also look forward to December. I work, work, work so that we can play again soon.


We’re in the car and headed to our weekly Monday playdate at the Museum of Natural History “Backyard.” Around our house we just call it “the creek” and Cruz has been begging to go since he woke up. On our way there we drop off a couple of bags of clothes at Alpha Thrift.

IMG_9358 IMG_9569 IMG_9570



Aaaaah, the creek. Where (for the most part) problems fade away. My kids get dirty, wet, wade in freezing water, and make mud pies. The little ones eat each other’s lunches when they think we aren’t looking. The mamas about our messy pantries and Jane Austen and faith. It’s truly a bright spot in my week.



The kids are down for their afternoon naps and I’m pulling eggs out of the oven for a salad. [My eggs are essentially hard-boiled, but they’re baked. What should I call them? Hard-baked? ] I work and then I get my ENTIRE TO DO LIST CROSSED OFF BECAUSE….



The children are still sleeping. Oh, blessed day. Tovi is home and goes to wake them up from their naps. They’re starting a major bounce sesh on Cruz’s bed, so I put away the computer and go upstairs. We listen to some Taylor Swift until London inevitably falls off the bed (she’s fine).

Mama secret– this time of day is my worst. If I could outsource 4pm-6pm, I probably would. 

I feed the kids something that I lovingly call “sninner.” You know what I’m talking about — it’s that awkward snack time that slides into dinner time. I’m knocking it all out with one meal! Revolutionary! I can feel the tension starting to build, so I put on one of the video sessions from MomCon and stir up a little brave in my afternoon.

I throw them in the bath. When cleaning out some boxes over the weekend, I found a “magic towel” and I’ve been promising the kids that we could put it in the bathtub tonight. Huge success! Bathtime entertainment for everyone!  After I pull London out to put her to bed, Cruz keeps hollering, “mommy, you need to wash me!” “I did!” I holler back. But he keeps insisting that I need to wash him and the thing about Cruz is that he is never wrong (I’ve learned this the humbling way). I start to suspect that I didn’t actually wash him. But first, I gotta finish putting my Lolo to bed.

Putting London to sleep should be a post all on its own. It’s hilarious. Once she’s done bossing me around about nursing (“other side!”), I start to rock her and pray over her. As soon as I say, “okay, night-night,” she snuggles down and asks, “hug?” Repeat with every step closer we get to her crib. “Hug? Hug?” This girl will hug all day, especially if it stalls bedtime.

I wash Cruz for what I sincerely hope is the second time but what is probably the first.



I should be on the road to Bible study already. But last week I kind of complained that I was just tired and that the children were loud and then I got home and saw that I looked incredibly haggered. Like, bless my heart. Most of the girls in my Bible study are sweet, young newlyweds with amazing shoes and I got nervous that I’d scared them off of motherhood. So even though I was going to be ridiculously late, I took my time getting ready.


I come home and become very glad that a sweet older lady at Bible study had made me promise to take home an entire chocolate cake because Tovi and one of the other Westmont coaches were watching soccer together! We all chat, the guys eat cake, and I clean up the kitchen.

I would love to see what your day looks like! Tell me something in the comments or link up your own post!


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