Some Universal Truths


It is a truth universally acknowledged that…

+ any time your husband travels with the team for a road trip some sort of family calamity will happen (this season: London’s first ER trip, flat tire). By the way, my mother-in-law and I changed the flat ourselves and we are awesome.


+ the PBS producer who schedules Wild Kratts  for 5pm Monday-Friday knows their audience. #howdinnergetsmade

+ no matter how many wipes and washcloths you use, you will never be finished cleaning up the yogurt. Oh, think you did a good job, huh? You’ll find more in your daughter’s hair just as you’re dropping her off at daycare.


+ whatever you said about parenting before becoming a parent will come back to haunt you. Every. Single. Thing. There is only one way to avoid this fate (wink wink).

+ your baby falling asleep on you will always be the best (especially when it’s rare).

IMG_7802 (1)

+ a mother’s capacity to love has no limits. Also true of her preschooler’s shoe’s capacity for holding sand.

ps: Cruz is usually around although these pictures say otherwise. He prefers to be on the other side of the camera, and I have about 348 pictures of his feet on my camera roll that prove it.



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