This has been the fastest month of my life. Wow.  And a really fun one too! A few snapshots from our October.


October really kicked off in the best way possible. I was so so fortunate to be able to travel to Louisville for the MOPS International Leadership Conference, MomCon. There were four of us from our local MOPS and 2500 other leaders gathering in one place without our children for three and a half days of  fellowship, teaching, worship, and late, late nights of girl talk. I didn’t come back rested, but I sure came back refreshed. I felt like my head had been lifted up. What a gift! October was an extraordinary month, largely due to the shot of refreshment I received at MomCon.

+ Apparently we like to stand in Marissa-Annemarie-Becca-Jill order. Too funny!

+ The MomProm was hilarious! We did not expect to stay long (because it’s called MomProm), but it was like a really fun wedding reception. Just dancing with your friends, having a great time, shoes kicked off under the table. Want to know the fastest way to get 2500 moms of toddlers booing a DJ? Play “Let It Go.”


The theme of MOPS this year is “Be You, Bravely.” It’s a theme that has spoken to and awaken something new in my heart. (Go here and here if you think you might need a little jolt of brave, too). Cruz and London are both brave in different ways. London just lives life full throttle– climbing, bouncing, running, sliding without a thought for safety. Life is just an adventure to her. I love my brave girl. Cruz is my cautious boy. He doesn’t like to do anything unless he can do it perfectly (no idea of where he got that… ahem). He has recently conquered his fear of the big slides in our neighborhood. When he got down (triumphantly) to the bottom of the slide I asked him what he was doing. “I’m just telling that other boy how God helps me be brave on the twisty slide.” Yes yes yes!


Everyone’s getting bigger.  Like, so big.


Oct_6 Oct_7

Brave. Wild. Free. These words are not exactly descriptive of my personality, and yet they’ve been thumping in my heart as words that are true and good for me to run after. I’ve been trying to find ways to let go of unnecessary expectations, to let us get dirty, to go to the beach instead of going to bed on time. I want us to keep finding magic and adventure everywhere and in the everyday. As Jennie Allen says, “on one side of the wardrobe we’re children playing hide-and-go-seek, and on the other we’re kings and queens fighting for our Lion.”

So I guess our October was pretty magical. My heart is just welling up looking back at all these pictures. Because of course in between these snaps were tantrums, tears, doubts, frustrations, kitchens that never felt clean. But that’s being brave, right? To see the mess and also see the vision of beauty. To be mired in frustration and be rejoicing that God will never fail me. He holds us so firmly and that’s what makes me brave.

I see you, November. Let’s go!



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