Right to Our Front Doors

Because it was mildly fall-like this week, and because Tovi was home on a random Friday afternoon, and because it will be Christmas before we actually have cold weather, we decided to spend the evening at the pumpkin patch!


Our kids love visiting the pumpkin patch! London called every animal in the barn a doggie, which is funny, and Cruz kept picking up pumpkins and saying, “This is the perfect pumpkin!” London has never met a “person” that didn’t deserve a hug.


Our patch is a sweet little farm near our house and when you visit, you’ll probably run in to everyone you know. Neighbors, co-workers, babysitters, other MOPS mamas. Pumpkin patches are, apparently, the great social equalizer. This patch in particular has a corn maze, hay rides, and a couple of sweet and stinky goats. There’s something fun and innocent about watching teenagers pick out pumpkins and toddlers throwing hay and chatting with neighbors while our kids pump water into a galvanized tub. It reminds me that our town in small and sweet, and that while Halloween can bring out a lot of darkness in our community, it also brings neighbors and celebrations right to our front doors.




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