I looked back over these photos this morning and got slightly depressed. It looks like summer, not fall! And the temperatures will be going up again this weekend! (wah wah) But despite the unending heat, we managed to have a really lovely month.

Sept_Insta_1When your kids were little did anyone ever tell you some nonsense like, “Just wait until they start walking!” It’s always a dire warning (Honestly, why do people say things like this? Are they suggesting that we stop our babies from learning to walk?) and it’s always wrong. I think walking is the best. London started walking in August, and now here we are, going out on nature walks all together. Amazing! The other thing we’re all doing together is baking! Well, Cruz and I will start baking, and then Lean In London will drag the stool out of the bathroom, climb up, and do her best to join us. Other times, Cruz and I will be busy mixing, and I’ll see that she’s climbed up the step ladder behind him and is blindly shoving her arms under his, hoping to get her hands on the whisk. Everyday they can do more together and it’s awesome. Just wait until they start walking? Just wait until IT’S THE BEST.


Have I complained enough about the weather? Eek. Here’s the sweet part about it– smoothies all the time, chubby legs in shorts, and swimming every chance we get. London is doing “swim lessons” because she insists on putting her face in the water every chance she gets, and if she’s going to be a daredevil I’d like her to do it safely.


I’ve been working. Cruz has been working. You guys, his spelling is off the hook. He’s able to spell double syllable words like it ain’t no thang. Words are my love language and Cruz is filling me up.


London and I are embracing the heat and being curly girls this summer. Did it really take me thirty years to embrace my natural hair texture? Hopefully Lolo loves her curls as much as I do (because honestly, isn’t that post-nap hair the greatest things you’ve ever seen?).

Happy September! On to October!


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