What Works {in August}

Oh August. You have been hot. It’s been hot and dry and every time I think that we’re getting a little break in the heat, the five-day forecast reveals that we are not. I can’t even remember the last time that I wore long pants. [Edited to add: Today is gloriously cool and cloudy. Both kids are in preschool/daycare and I am working from Coffee Bean with a delicious fall-ish warm beverage. Bliss]

August collage

+ Last month I told you about my sippy cup, and this month we found great new cups for the kids. These are Nalgene sippies, and we love them! They are sturdy, easy to clean, haven’t leaked yet, and aren’t obnoxiously covered in Disney characters. We bought ours at REI and you can also find them here.

Brain Quest! Because I was a nerdy kid (that turned into a nerdy adult), I had ALL the BrainQuest stacks. They also make packs for preschoolers, and Cruz is hooked on them. This is an excellent item to toss into your diaper bag and pull out while waiting somewhere. I love the questions, and it helps to reinforce Boehem concepts (over, under, to the left, above, etc), letters, sorting, and general, age-appropriate knowledge.

+ Now that London is fully eating kid food, I’ve been weeding out our mish-mash collection of kid plates and cup (see above) and narrowing it down to what actually works and what works together. This month I got rid of our random kid plates and stocked up on these plates from RePlay. Sturdy, stackable, made from recycled milk-jugs, and again, no obnoxious characters.

+ I’m going to let you in on a little secret of motherhood– have standing playdates. This is what I mean: meet up with the same moms and kids at the same park every week. I have a couple of standing playdates scattered throughout our week, and they are lifesavers. I always know that we can escape to Tucker’s Grove on Monday afternoon. Repetition leads to familiarity, and hanging out with the same moms and kids month after month and year after year has been a treasure.

J.Crew chino shorts. I’ve bought a lot of shorts this month. Maybe three pairs? I wear shorts every day right now, so it’s not as extravagant as it sounds. I love all the shorts I have (Old Navy, Gap, etc), but my favorite pair is from J.Crew. They are comfortable, flattering, and come in a couple of different lengths.

+ Emily Ley Planners. I have become so devoted to my planner from Emily Ley. Yup, it’s enormous, but it comes with me everywhere. Honestly, I have felt a lot more organized since using this planner. Her 2015 edition goes on sale on September 3rd! Go go go! They’ll definitely sell out. (And yes “order new planner” is written into my planner)

So how about you? What’s working for you these days? How are you all staying cool? xo.



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