Type A Mom has a Plan B

Can a person be mildly Type A? If “easygoing organized” is a type, than I suppose that’s what I am. I land comfortably in between refrigerator organized with labels and standing in front of the fridge trying to figure out what to eat. Let’s call it “Type A-“. I’m okay with that.

I think that the secret to Type A- parenting is always having a Plan B. When the kids don’t nap or we’re all cranky and hot in the house, we need to do something that doesn’t require a lot of work or planning. I have a secret list of Plan B activities that can be done at a moment’s notice and can take place from 4-5:30pm .

One of my favorite Plan B activities is driving up to Westmont College. If we time it right, we can watch Tovi’s team practice (and kick some goals ourselves on the sidelines). If not, we go for a nice wander in the formal garden and try to find all the bridges. I may or may not use this time to shove my adorable children in front of unsuspecting college students in an attempt to find potential babysitters. I mean, of course I do. 

I guess that this is my secret to motherhood. Make plans, but hold them loosely. Whatever we’ve planned to do is not nearly as important as just doing it together and being cheerful about it.

And wouldn’t you be cheerful if this was your Plan B?

IMG_4345 IMG_4344 IMG_4342

afterlight (14)



3 thoughts on “Type A Mom has a Plan B

  1. Please call me the next time you’re headed up there! I went up yesterday and made quite a scene in the bookstore. (Then we went to the women’s game.) I need to pick your brain about how to entertain children during games while also make sure HE doesn’t throw himself off the stadium steps. Also, don’t worry, I’ll be back up there on Saturday so I can pick up the sunglasses I left in the bookstore while chasing my child. 😉

    • So while I was PRESENT at a lot of games last year, I don’t know that I WATCHED a lot of games. 😉 Literally, I would scope out the sweetest looking girls and eventually they would start playing with my kids. Worked like a charm.

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