What Works {in July}

July! July! It’s the best month of the year! In July we celebrate Tovi’s birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday. It’s busy and fun. Things feel really loose and easy-going in our house right now. Our kids are going to bed later, we’ve made a lot of trips to Yogurtland, and we’re finding a lot of reasons to celebrate the small, everyday moments. And of course, we’re still working hard and keeping our family on track. Here are six things that worked in July.

WYWN_July_Works+ One of my 2014 goals was to “grow up and drink some water.” I recently bought a giant adult sippy cup from Starbucks and I love it! I’ve been drinking so much water with it. I think that the straw is key– somehow I can guzzle a lot more water through a straw. It doesn’t hurt that this is a cute cup. (Honestly, if you need to remember to drink water, get a cute cup)

+ Trader Joe’s is my homeland and I just noticed this bag of frozen kale! Has it been there for a long time? How could I have missed this? This little bag of kale is the best. It’s already chopped finely and couldn’t be easier to add to smoothies, chili, pasta sauce, rice…

+ She Reads Truth has an iPhone app! It’s beautiful and easy to use. If you’re looking for a daily devotional, She Reads Truth is a great place to start. Having the passage of Scripture, commentary, and comments/encouragements all in one place is awesome. A note: the app is free to download, and the plans are $1-$2 each. The plans are free on the website and can be delivered to your inbox. Having the Word at my fingertips is invaluable and the sweet team of women at She Reads Truth have done a great job with this app.

+ So it’s July and it’s been weirdly humid lately. I’ve been paring down my make-up, usually skipping foundation and blush because it feels weird in this hot, sticky weather. What I never skip is mascara and brow gel. It’s a quick easy step that makes me look awake and pulled together.

+ Dot markers. We call these “dot dot markers” and looooove them. This is a no-mess way to paint and have fun.

+ I would NEVER let you down in the t-shirt department! Never! It’s time to order an Everlane t-shirt immediately. They are $15. They are ethically produced. They wash beautifully. I ordered two, then Tovi ordered two, then we each ordered more! We’re obsessed. The Cotton U-Neck is my fav.

And speaking of kale… my dear friend (and nutritionist) Drew is launching her seasonal Restore cleanse. This group tune-up starts on August 3rd and there’s still time to sign up! I am really excited to try this out and see how I feel at the end of the seven days. Drew is so supportive and encouraging and fun– I know I’m in good hands.

So how about you? What’s working for you this summer? xo.



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