8 Things I’ve Learned in 8 Years of Marriage

Happy Anniversary, babe! We’re celebrating eight years today, which simultaneously sounds like a really long time and feels like we’ve just always been together. Given the fact that we got married as baby-children at the tender age of 23 (and started dating at 19!), it really is true that we grew up together.

8 Things I’ve Learned in 8 Years of Marriage


There is never a right time to get a puppy or have a baby. Sometimes those semi-spur of the moment decisions will turn out awesome.


Traveling together (with kids and without kids) is always a good choice. Stepping out of your comfort zones together is an incredible bonding experience.

Do really kind, unexpected things for each other. One night Tovi announced that I should get in bed (it was 8:30pm), light candles, read Harry Potter and that he would bring me some fresh-baked cookies. If there’s a better way to make me happy, I haven’t yet found it.

Take turns making that late night run to the grocery store for break-and-bake cookies.


Know your own personality type. Know your spouse’s personality type.

If anyone gets grumpy, dole out snacks first, then tackle the problem.

[Apparently the secret to making our marriage work is having a lot of snacks on hand]


I never fill up my water bottle and that drives Tovi crazy. Tovi doesn’t care about having a clean kitchen at the end of the day and that drives me crazy. So keeping my water bottle full is his thing and keeping the kitchen clean is mine.

Be silly. We still feel like those kids who used to goof around late at night in our dorm lounge (because, closed hours, y’all!). A little silliness goes a long way to making any day better.

Here’s to many, many more!


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