Morning Fun 1

Morning Fun 2

Last Thursday I woke up down in the dumps. I had done a lot of solo parenting the week before while Tovi was out of town at a conference, and as a little reward to myself, I’d planned a date night for when he came home. Well, he ended up needing to work that night (and we were going to a local event, so it couldn’t be easily rescheduled). I thought I would turn my date night into a girls’ night… until my babysitter backed out at the last minute. I spent some time that morning trying to find another sitter… until London woke up with a fever and I threw in the towel.

My attitude was horrible. It was as if I decide to dig my feet into the muck and stay there as a protest to… myself? I don’t know. Sometimes these things just happen. As I grouched around the house I was basically telling myself that it was fine to stay mad at the world because the world had done me wrong. How could I not? But then I started to think about church… and how in Christ we have freedom from our old nature, blah blah blah. That I don’t have to react this way.

So… time to rally. It was time to shake off the teeny, miniscule “wrong” that had been done to me and have a kick-ass ALL MORNING OUTDOOR FUN TIME!!!!!

ALL MORNING OUTDOOR FUN TIME needs to be yelled in an excited voice. Basically, children will get excited about anything if you use an excited voice. “Hey you guys! Let’s go outside and COUNT THE TOMATOES!!” You know on the Muppets when Kermit gets excited and he throws his head back and his arms wiggle in the air? This is the type of enthusiasm I started tossing around that morning. Kermit-level-all-caps enthusiasm.
imgresWe counted the tomatoes! We have ten! We drew with chalk. I wrote some words out for Cruz on the ground (and speaking of kick-ass… homeboy can read like a boss), we did a little bowling, London crushed several pieces of chalk (I’d forgotten about this stage: the throw everything onto the ground stage). We sang some songs and talked about the creepy parrot that lives behind us. Another major factor in ALL MORNING OUTDOOR FUN TIME was a big bowl of ice that I brought out. Seriously, frozen water is little people magic. We held it in our hands, we painted with it, we pretended it was food. I think ice is the big hit of Summer 2014.

I guess this is one of those things that’s so lovely about motherhood. We can be feeling low and undeserving and mad at the world, and then these little people just sweep in and delight in the simple gifts of the day.




  1. So so sweet.

    I love the ice idea.

    Owen also had a fever this week! Weird. I don’t even think our kids saw each other last week.

    I also had a bad attitude about his fever because I had to miss bible study. 🙂

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