A Twitterture Linkup: What I’ve Been Reading Lately

today i’m linking up with modern mrs. darcy’s monthly twitterature. these are my short reviews of recent reads.

allegiant: i wish this wasn’t the final chapter in the divergent series. i think veronica roth had too many plot lines and twists, and this story would have been more satisfying told as at least two books (there are five factions, write five books, right?). a lot of fans felt that the ending was controversial, but i felt satisfied by the time i turned the last page (aka, clicked the last button on my kindle). #teamfour

the boxcar children: cruz and i are reading this out loud and my heart just thumps with happiness every time. i like reading books with him that are above his comprehension level, just to give him a taste of it and expose him to new vocabulary. that said, i’ve been surprised at how much he’s tracking with it. #greatreadaloud
happiest toddler on the block: harvey karp offers what has got to be the strangest advice about dealing with toddler tantrums… but guess what? it kind of works. #anythingtolessentantrumsamiright
mockingjay: tovi and i recently went on a date to see catching fire (gasp!), so of course i came home and reread mockingjay immediately. my dad says that mockingjay was his favorite of the three books, but i have trouble seeing it (sorry, dad). this is another book that felt like it suffered from being squeezed into a trilogy rather than a series. #realornotreal
night film: i started night film the week of halloween because i wanted to read a thriller. the first half was terrifying, and i could only read it during the day. but then… then the book took a turn for the weird which was never explained. i honestly think that the author was on the right track, and that under the hands of an excellent editor, night film would have killed it. will you take a risk reading it and then we could process it together? #daytimereading
why we broke up: no joke, i read this young adult novel in less than 24 hours. it’s charming and relatable, and will remind you of dating, friendships, and cliques in high school. the book is a letter from min to ed, explaining all the “things” that she’s giving back to him, “and that’s why we broke up.” fun fact: author daniel handler’s former pseudonym is lemony snicket! this book is illustrated, so if you read it on an e-reader, make sure that it will support the illustrations. #teamed or #teamal

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