here’s what we were up to in october… at least according to instagram…

^^ lolo and i took a bunch of selfies. after our first all-nighter//embracing fall style//wearing chevron  (cruz: why is everyone wearing pointy stripes?)

^^ in things that can’t possibly have happened news, cruz turned three in october. this year he really got it and loved his birthday. we spent about a week singing “happy birthday” and practicing blowing out candles and then he rocked it at the party. (ps: would you like a post on how to plan your child’s birthday without pinterest? wild and free, baby)
^^ soccer player. ballerina. curious george. come back soon, halloween!
^^ i’ve stepped it up in the arts & crafts department. we’ve been painting, “chalking,” and decorating pumpkins with glitter. it’s been so fun to watch cruz draw with purpose– a road for his cars, the sun and moon, our family (we all have very heavy eyebrows in his pictures and also in real life).
^^ cruz is equal parts tovi (awesome ball skills) and me (great satisfaction in completing paperwork)
^^ babies helping me with work

^^ who’s the cutest sitting in a bumbo? london rae, that’s who.


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